1. Jason Johns (Spoken Label, April 2021)
    Jason Johns

  2. Hellena Jane (Spoken Label, April 2021)
    Hellena Jane

  3. Paul Sutherland (Spoken Label, April 2021)
    Paul Sutherland

  4. Heige Boehm (Spoken Label, April 2021)
    Heige Boehm

  5. Susan Darlington (Spoken Label, March 2021)
    Susan Darlington

  6. Randy Horton (Spoken Label, March 2021)
    Randy Horton

  7. Ayshen Irfan (Spoken Label, March 2021)
    Ayshen Irfan (Spoken Label, March 2021)

  8. Denetta Copeland (D3) (Spoken Label, March 2021)

  9. Rosie Lawson (Spoken Label, March 2021)
    Rosie Lawson

  10. Carol Fenwick (Spoken Label,March 2021)
    Carol Fenwick

  11. Charlotte Mary (Spoken Label, March 2021)
    Charlotte Mary

  12. Umor Haque (DrayZera) (Spoken Label, February 2021)

  13. Red Medusa (Spoken Label, February 2021)
    Red Medusa

  14. Keith Lander (Spoken Label, Febuary 2021)
    Keith Lander

  15. Penny Sharman (Spoken Label, February 2021)
    Penny Sharman

  16. David R Mellor (Spoken Label, February 2021)
    David R Mellor

  17. Cathy Carson (Spoken Label, February 2021)
    Cathy Carson

  18. Kezzabelle Ambler (Spoken Label, February 2021)
    Kezzabelle Ambler

  19. Jenny Berry (Spoken Label, February 2021)
    Jenny Berry

  20. Ghost of me Podcast with Amanda Steel (Spoken Label, January 2021)
    Ghost of me Podcast with Amanda Steel

  21. Markey Mark Symmonds (Spoken Label, January 2021)
    Markey Mark Symmonds

  22. Thank you message to Spoken Label from Dionne
    Thank you message to Spoken Label from Dionne

  23. Tom Ovans (Spoken Label, January 2021)
    Tom Ovans

  24. Finn Hall (Spoken Label, January 2021)
    Fin Hall

  25. Rich Davenport (Spoken Label, January 2021)
    Rich Davenport

  26. Chris Chilton (Spoken Label, December 2020)
    Chris Chilton

  27. Katy Rose Bennett (Spoken Label, December 2020)
    Katy Rose Bennett

  28. Mike Booth (Spoken Label, December 2020)

  29. Liza Miles (Spoken Label, December 2020)
    Liza Miles

  30. Libby Taylor (Spoken Label, December 2020)
    Libby Taylor

  31. Lily Massey (Spoken Label, December 2020)
    Lily Massey

  32. Sarah Jane O'Hare (Spoken Label, December 2020)
    Sarah Jane O'Hare

  33. Rosie Wilby (Spoken Label, December 2020)
    Rosie Wilby

  34. Andrew Shanahan (Spoken Label, December 2020)
    Andrew Shanahan

  35. Paul Stevens (Spoken Label, November 2020)
    Paul Stevens

  36. Michael Brian (Spoken Label, November 2020)
    Michael Brian

  37. Rosa Wright (Spoken Label, November 2020)
    Rosa Wright

  38. Andi Talbot (Spoken Label, November 2020)
    Andi Talbot

  39. Leena Batchelor (Spoken Label, November 2020)
    Leena Batchelor

  40. Carolyn Crossley (Spoken Label, November 2020)
    Carolyn Crossley

  41. Raych Vc (Spoken Label, October 2020)
    Raych V

  42. Isaac Hughes-Dennis (Spoken Label, November 2020)
    Isaac Hughes-Dennis

  43. Jeffrey Bryan (Survivor) (Spoken Label, October 2020)
    Jeffrey Bryan (Survivor)

  44. Annemarie Ní Churreáin (Spoken Label, October 2020)
    Annemarie Ní Churreáin

  45. Saif Chaudhry and Farah Ahmad (Spoken Label, October 2020)
    Saif Chaudhry and Farah Ahmad

  46. Tony Kinsella (Spoken Label, October 2020)
    Tony Kinsella

  47. Nigel Astell (Spoken Label, October 2020)
    Nigel Astell

  48. Nadia Kingsley (Spoken Label, October 2020)
    Nadia Kingsley

  49. James Russell (Spoken Label, September 2020)
    James Russell

  50. Amy Charlotte Kean (Spoken Label, September 2020)
    Amy Charlotte Kena

  51. Tallulah Howarth (Spoken Label, September 2020)
    Tallulah Howarth

  52. Leanne Moden (Spoken Label, September 2020)
    Leanne Moden

  53. Danielle Holian (Spoken Label, September 2020)
    Danielle Holian

  54. Steve Mingle (Spoken Label, September 2020)
    Steve Mingle

  55. Leila Ziari (Spoken Label, September 2020)
    Leila Ziari

  56. Dina Nassour (Spoken Label, August 2020)
    Dina Nassour (Spoken Label, August 2020)

  57. Sarah James (Sarah Leavesley) Spoken Label August 2020
    Sarah James (Sarah Leavesley)

  58. Leanne Geaney (Spoken Label, August 2020)
    Leanne Geanvey

  59. Joanne McCarthy (Spoken Label, August 2020)
    Joanne McCarthy

  60. Beau Williams (Spoken Label, August 2020)
    Beau Williams

  61. Sam Rapp Dyslexic Poet (Spoken Label, August 2020)
    Sam Rapp Dyslexic Poet

  62. Mark Rogers (Spoken Label, August 2020)
    Mark Rogers (Spoken Label, August 2020)

  63. Mel Wardle Woodend (Spoken Label, August 2020)
    Mel Wardle Woodend

  64. Roz Weaver (Spoken Label, August 2020)
    Roz Weaver

  65. Grae J. Wall (Spoken Label, August 2020)
    Grae J Wall

  66. Don Dolby (Spoken Label, August 2020)
    Don Dolby

  67. Ruairi Coneely (Spoken Label, July 2020)
    Ruairi Coneely

  68. Carol Fenwick (Spoken Label, July 2020)
    Carol Fenwick

  69. Mark P Henderson (Spoken Label, July 2020)
    Mark P Henderson

  70. Richard Earls (Spoken Label, July 2020)
    Richard Earls

  71. Caroline Burrows Versecycle (Spoken Label, July 2020)
    Caroline Burrows Versecycle

  72. Kev Selby (Spoken Label, July 2020)
    Kevin Selby

  73. Lucy Sullivan (Spoken Label, July 2020)
    Lucy Sullivan

  74. Yvonne Reddick (Spoken Label, July 2020)
    Yvonne Reddick

  75. Steve Smythe (Spoken Label, June 2020)
    Steve Smythe

  76. Jeffarama! aka Jeff Dawson (Spoken Label, June 2020)
    Jeffarama! aka Jeff Dawson

  77. Anna Jordan (Spoken Label, June 2020)
    Anna Jordsn

  78. Luci:d (Spoken Label, June 2020)

  79. Sophia Behal (Spoken Label, June 2020)
    Sophia Behal

  80. Stefan C Gambrell (Spoken Label, June 2020)
    Stefan C Gambrell

  81. Natalie Crick (Spoken Label, June 2020)
    Natalie Crick (Spoken Label, June 2020)

  82. Andy N discussing Spoken Label (June 2020)
    Andy N discussing Spoken Label

  83. Paul McNamara (Spoken Label, June 2020)
    Paul McNamara

  84. Pete Slater (Spoken Label, June 2020)
    Pete Slater (Spoken Label, May 2020)

  85. Tahira Rehman (Spoken Label, June 2020)
    Tahira Rehman

  86. Helena Ascough (Spoken Label, May 2020)
    Helena Ascough (Spoken Label, May 2020)

  87. DrayZera (Spoken Label, May 2020)

  88. Martin Zarrop (Spoken Label, May 2020)
    Martin Zarrop

  89. Michael Maul (Spoken Label, May 2020)
    Michael Maul

  90. Amy Lee Tempest (Spoken Label, May 2020)
    Amy Lee Tempest

  91. Natasha Borton Spoken Label, May 2020
    Natasha Borton

  92. Órla Fay (Spoken Label, May 2020)
    Órla Fay (Spoken Label, May 2020)

  93. Gemma Whiteley (Spoken Label, May 2020)
    Gemma Whiteley

  94. Andy N on 'Word on the Street' (Jenny Berry Show), Salford City FM, April 2020
    Andy N

  95. Deirdre Rose (Spoken Label, May 2020)
    Deirdre Rose

  96. Christopher Moriarty (Spoken Label, May 2020)
    Christopher Moriarty

  97. Reggie Agulha (Spoken Label, May 2020)
    Reggie Agulha

  98. Sarah Pritchard (Spoken Label, May 2020)
    Sarah Pritchard

  99. Fokkina McDonnell (Spoken Label, May 2020)
    Fokkina McDonnell

  100. D_James_Bond (Spoken Label, April 2020)

  101. Crumpsall Riddle (Spoken Label, April 2020)
    Crumpsall Riddle (Spoken Label, April 2020)

  102. Amy King (Spoken Label, April 2020)
    Amy King

  103. David Hartley (Spoken Label, April 2020)
    David Hartley (Spoken Label, April 2020)

  104. Thomas McColl (Spoken Label, April 2020)
    Thomas McColl

  105. Anthony Smith (Spoken Label, April 2020)
    Anthony Smith

  106. Sarra Culleno (Spoken Label, April 2020)
    Sarra Culleno (Spoken Label, April 2020)

  107. Amanda Steel - live twitter feed Interview and Extract regarding Ghost of Me (09 April 2020)
    Amanda Steel

  108. Pete K Mally (Spoken Label, April 2020)
    Pete K Mally

  109. Publisher Chat: Fly on the Wall Press (Spoken Label, April 2020)
    Fly on the Wall Press

  110. Attracta Fahy (Spoken Label, March 2020)
    Attracta Fahy

  111. Roxy Walsh (Spoken Label, March 2020)
    Roxy Walsh

  112. Juliette Van Der Molen (Spoken Label, March 2020)
    Juliette Van Der Molen

  113. Mike Southwell (Spoken Label, March 2020)
    Mike Southwell

  114. Poetry and Literature Magazine Talk with Alta Mabin and Amanda Steel (Spoken label, March 2020)
    Amanda Steel and Alta Mabin

  115. Alice Spencer (Spoken label, March 2020)
    Alice Spencer

  116. Emily Oldfield (Spoken Label, March 2020)
    Emily Oldfield

  117. Amanda Steel (Word on the Street, Salford City Fm, March 2020)
    Amanda Steel

  118. David Dalgleish (Spoken Label, March 2020)
    David Dalgleish

  119. Emma Lee (Spoken Label, February 2020)
    Emma Lee

  120. Sophia Hadji-Michael (February 2020)
    Sophia Hadji-Michael

  121. Mara Malins (Spoken Label, Feb 2020)
    Mara Malins

  122. Jeżża (Spoken Label, February 2020)

  123. Lady Ilaria (Spoken Label, January 2020)
    Lady Ilaria

  124. Amanda Steel and Andy N (All FM, January 2020)
    Amanda Steel Andy N

  125. Jenny Berry (Spoken Label, January 2020)
    Jenny Berry

  126. Roxy Walsh (Spoken Label, January 2020)
    Roxy Walsh

  127. Sue Proffitt (Spoken Label, January 2020)
    Sue Proffitt

  128. Rob Goodier (Spoken Label, December 2019)
    Rob Goodier

  129. Yvonne Ugarte - Spoken Label (December 2019)
    Yvonne Ugarte

  130. Lizzie Smith (Spoken Label, December 2019)
    Lizzie Smith

  131. Thomas (Spoken Label, November 2019)

  132. Nicola Dale (with special guest co host, Amanda Steel - Spoken label, November 2019)
    Nicola Dale

  133. Linda Quinn (Spoken Label, November 2019)
    Linda Quinn

  134. John G Hall (Spoken Label, November 2019)
    John G Hall

  135. Penny Sharman (Spoken Label, November 2019)
    Penny Sharman

  136. Emilie Lauren Jones (Spoken Label, November 2019)
    Emilie Lauren Jones

  137. Elizabeth Hefty (Spoken Label, November 2019)
    Elizabeth Hefty

  138. Howling Jack Russell (Nearly Dead Poets aka Ged) with Amanda Steel, Spoken Label, October 2019

  139. Alta H Mabin (Spoken Label October 2019)
    Alta H Mabin

  140. Noemi Scotellaro Massimi (Spoken Label, October 2019)
    Noemi Scotellaro Massimi

  141. Leanne Beadle (Spoken Label, October 2019)
    Leanne Beadle

  142. Jade Kilduff (Spoken Label, October 2019)
    Jade Kilduff

  143. Ellie Mason (Spoken Label, October 2019)
    Ellie Mason

  144. Will Stevenson (Spoken Label, September 2019)
    Will Stevenson

  145. Joe Williams (Spoken Label, September 2019)
    Joe Williams

  146. Matt Nicholson (Spoken Label, September 2019)
    Matt Nicholson

  147. Bernie the Bolt (Spoken Label, September 2019)
    Bernie the Bolt

  148. Planet in Peril - Various Poets
    Planet In Peril - Various Poets

  149. Chris Neilson (with special guest, Amanda Steel (Spoken Label, September 2019))
    Chris Neilson

  150. Roxanne San Jose (Spoken Label, August 2019)
    Roxanne San Jose

  151. Serafina Bersonsage (Spoken Label, August 2019)
    Serafina Bersonsage

  152. Robert Garnham (Spoken Label, August 2019)

  153. Roz Weaver (Spoken Label, July 2019)
    Roz Weaver

  154. Rob Barratt (Spoken Label, July 2019)
    Rob Barratt

  155. Ant Briscoe (Spoken Label, July 2019)
    Ant Briscoe

  156. Grant Curnow (Spoken Label, July 2019)
    Grant Curnow

  157. Chelsea Tadeyeske and Edie Roberts (Spoken Label, July 2019)
    Chelsea Tadeyeske and Edie Roberts

  158. Laura Harper (Spoken Label, June 2019)
    Laura Harper

  159. Elisa Matvejeva (Spoken Label, June 2019)
    Elisa Matvejeva

  160. Amanda Steel (Spoken Label, June 2019)
    Amanda Steel

  161. Sarra Culleno (Spoken Label, June 2019)
    Sarra Culleno

  162. Alicia Fitton (Spoken Label, June 2019)
    Alicia Fitton

  163. Kate Martin (Kate Banco) (Spoken Label, June 2019)
    Kate Martin (Kate Banco)

  164. Benjamin Guilfoyle (Spoken Label, May 2019)
    Benjamin Guilfoyle

  165. Kurt Clopton (Spoken Label,May 2019)
    Kurt Cobain

  166. Jan McCarthy (Spoken Label, May 2019)
    Jan McCarthy

  167. Nick Armbrister - Bridge building
    Nick Armbrister

  168. Eva Curless (Spoken Label May 2019)
    Eva Curless

  169. Nicola Worswick (Spoken Label, May 2019)
    Nicola Worswick

  170. Benjamin Guilfoyle (Spoken Label, April 2019)
    Benjamin Guilfoyle

  171. Cathleen Allyn Conway (Spoken Label, April 2019)
    Cat Conway

  172. Mystqx Skye (Spoken Label, April 2019)
    Mystqx Skye

  173. Interview with AggieM. (with Special Guest Cohost, Amanda Steel) (Spoken Label, April 2019)
    Aggie M

  174. Tracey Maxfield (Spoken Label, April 2019)
    Tracey Maxfield

  175. Umby Winters (Spoken Label with guest co-host Amanda Steel, April 2019)
    Umby Winters

  176. Meshach R. Brencher (Spoken Label, March 2019)
    Meshach R. Brencher

  177. Miriam Calleja (Spoken Label, March 2019)
    Miriam Calleja

  178. Adam King (Spoken Label, March 2019)
    Adam King

  179. Alex Asher (Spoken Label, March 2019)
    Alex Asher

  180. Persona Non Grata (Extracts) (Various writers)

  181. Raquel Rich (Spoken Label, February 2019)
    Raquel Rich

  182. Nadeem Zafar (Spoken Label, February 2019)

  183. Nick Armbrister - English Landscapes
    Nick Armbrister

  184. Denis Akinmolasire (Spoken Label, December 2018)
    Denis Akinmolasire

  185. Janey Colbourne (Spoken Label, December 2018)
    Janey Colbourne

  186. 1 coolpoet (Spoken Label, December 2018)
    1 coolpoet

  187. Siofra Martin (Spoken Label, December 2018)
    Siofra Martin

  188. April Bell (Spoken Label, November 2018)
    April Bell

  189. Nick Armbrister (Spoken Label, November 2018)
    Nick Armbrister

  190. Mel Woodend (Spoken Label, November 2018)
    Mel Woodend

  191. Kristina M Serrano (Spoken Label, November 2018)
    Kristina M Serrano

  192. Freegreenwanderer (Spoken Label, November 2018)

  193. Helen Kay (Spoken Label, October 2018)
    Helen Kay

  194. Rosa Wright (Spoken Label, October 2018)
    Rosa Wright

  195. Brian John Mitchell (Spoken Label, October 2018)
    Brian John Mitchell

  196. The Nearly Dead Poets Association (Spoken Label, October 2018)
    The Nearly Dead Poets Society

  197. Gordon Zola (Spoken Label, October 2018)
    Gordon Zola

  198. Andy N and Amanda Steel (Live Bolton Diggers Festival, July 2018)
    Andy N Amanda Steel

  199. The Nearly Dead Poets Association (Bolton Diggers Festival, August 2018)
    The Nearly Dead Poets Association

  200. Ken D Williams - Live and Kicking
    Ken D Williams

  201. Simon Widdop (Live Bolton Diggers Festival, July 2018)
    Simon Widdop

  202. Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe (Spoken Label, September 2018)
    Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe

  203. Jason A Meuschke (Spoken Label, September 2018)
    Jason A Meuschke

  204. Paul Jenkins (Spoken Label, September 2018)
    Paul Jenkins

  205. Michael John Hulley II (Spoken Label, August 2018)
    Michael Hulley

  206. Melissa Walters - My Carousel Curse EP
    Melissa Walters

  207. Kealan Coady (Spoken Label, July 2018)
    Kealan Coady

  208. Julia Davenport (Spoken Label, July 2018)
    Julia Davenport

  209. Paul Robert Mullen (Spoken Label, June 2018)
    Paul Robert Mullen

  210. Sarah Leavesley (Sarah James) (Spoken Label, June 2018)
    Sarah Leavesley (Sarah James)

  211. Jacqueline Pembleton ( Jacqueline Woods) (Spoken Label, May 2018)
    Jacqueline Pembleton

  212. Simon Widdop (Spoken Label, May 2018)
    Simon Widdop

  213. Randy Horton (Spoken Label, April 2018)
    Randy Horton

  214. George Melling (Word Central, April 2018)
    George Melling

  215. Hilary Robinson (Spoken Label, April 2018)
    Hilary Robinson

  216. Joanna Howard and Zena Barrie (Spoken Label, April 2018)
    Joanna Howard and Zena Barry

  217. Rachel Davies (Spoken Label, March 2018)
    Rachel Davies

  218. Jacqueline Phillips - Pretty in Pink 3
    Jacqueline Phillips

  219. Hilary Walker (Spoken Label, February 2018)
    Hilary Walker

  220. Please Hear What I'm Not Saying - Various Poets
    Please Hear What I'm Not Saying - Various Poets

  221. Pete Slater - Accidental Poet
    Pete Slater - the accidental poet

  222. J Todd Underhill (Live Spoken Label, January 2018)

  223. Potting Shed Pete (Live Word Central, January 2018)
    Potting Shed Pete

  224. Matthew Nicholson (Spoken Label, December 2017)
    Matthew Nicholson

  225. Isabelle Kenyon (Spoken Label December 2017)
    Isabelle Kenyon

  226. David R Mellor (Spoken Label, Podcast December 2017)
    David R Mellor

  227. Andy Smith and Amanda Steel (Spoken Label, December 2017)

  228. Sadie Davidson - Council House and Silent
    Sadie Davidson

  229. Myth the Poet (Live Spoken Label Studios, October 2017)
    Myth the Poet

  230. Karen Little (Spoken Label, August 2017)
    Karen Little

  231. Jeff Teasdale (Spoken Label, July 2017)
    Jeff Teasdale

  232. Jeannie Ashton (Spoken Label, July 2017)
    Jeannie Ashton

  233. Heather Burnside (Spoken Label, July 2017)
    Heather Burnside

  234. Robert Eunson (Spoken Label Studios, June 2017)
    Robert Eunson

  235. Girl with a suitcase (Spoken Label Podcast, June 2017)
    Girl with a suitcase

  236. Katie Haigh (Spoken Label, May 2017)
    Katie Haigh

  237. Michael Bradbury (Spoken Label, May 2017)
    Michael Bradbury

  238. Earwig (Spoken Label, April 2017)

  239. Adam Foley (Spoken Label, April 2017)
    Adam Foley

  240. Paul J Kearns (Spoken Label, March 2017)
    Paul J Kearns

  241. Amanda Steel (Live Spoken Label, March 2017)
    Amanda Steel

  242. Argh Kid (Spoken Label, March 2017)
    Argh Kid

  243. Dray Zera (Spoken Label, March 2017)
    Dray Zera

  244. Ken D Williams (Spoken Label, February 2017)
    Ken D Williams

  245. Jimmy Andrex (with guest appearance from Tony Andrews - Live Spoken Label Studios, February 2017)
    Jimmy Andrex

  246. Lyndsay Price (Live Spoken Label, February 2017)
    Lyndsay Price

  247. Danielle Matthews (Live from Spoken Label Studios, December 2016)

  248. Michael Holme (Live Spoken Label, November 2016)
    Michael Holme

  249. Maria Alejandra Barrios Velez (Spoken Label, November 2016)
    Maria Alejandra Barrios Velez

  250. Amy Kinsman (Live Spoken Label, November 2016)
    Amy Kinsman

  251. Pete Slater (Live Spoken Label, October 2016)
    Pete Slater

  252. Rob Goodier (Spoken Label, October 2016)
    Rob Goodier

  253. Captain of the Lost Waves (Live Spoken Label, October 2016)
    Captain of the lost Waves

  254. Amanda Steel (Live Chilled Out Thursdays, 20 October 2016, All FM)
    Amanda Steel

  255. Tony Andrews (Live Spoken Label Studios, October 2016)
    Tony Andrews

  256. Andy N (Live Spoken Label, October 2016)
    Andy N

  257. Marie Lightman (Live Spoken Label, October 2016)
    Marie Lightman

  258. Steven Wailing and John Calvert (Live Spoken Label, September 2016)
    Steven Wailing and John Calvert

  259. Jocelyn Mosman (Live Spoken Label Studios, September 2016)
    Jocelyn Mosman

  260. Noemi Scotellaro Massimi (Live with Spoken Label, September 2016)
    Noemi Scotellaro Massimi

  261. Amanda Steel (Live Spoken Label, September 2016)
    Amanda Steele

  262. Andrew Smith (Spoken Label Podcast, Brighton August 2016)
    Andrew Smith

  263. Almney Vatier King (Live Spoken Label, August 2016)
    Almney Vatier King

  264. Lydia Hounat (Live Spoken Label, August 2016)
    Lydia Hounat

  265. Stefan Gambrell (Live Spoken Label, August 2016)
    Stefan Gambrell

  266. Pixievic (Live Spoken Label, July 2016)

  267. Emma Whitehall (Live Spoken Label, July 2016)
    Emma Whitehall

  268. Reuben Woolley (Live Spoken Label, July 2016)
    Reuben Woolley

  269. Elizabeth Faitarone (live Spoken Label Studios, June 2016)
    Elizabeth Faitarone

  270. Spoken Passions (Live Station Hotel, Ashton, 25th June 2016)
    Spoken Passion

  271. Joe Kozarzewski (Spoken Label Podcast live in Rochdale, May 2016)
    Joe Kozarzewski

  272. The Reprobate poets and guests Live @ The Station, May 2016
    The Reprobate Poets

  273. Tony Andrews (live Spoken Label Studios, April 2016)
    Tony Andrews

  274. Stuart Valentine (Live Spoken Label Studios, April 2016)
    Stuart Vallantine

  275. Dave Hartley (live Spoken Label Studios, April 2016)
    Dave Hartley

  276. Benjamin Crisafulli (Spoken Label Interviews 3, March 2016)
    Benjamin Crisafulli

  277. Scott Cullen Steele (Spoken Label Interviews 2, February 2016)
    Scott Cullen Steele

  278. Adam Spaven (Spoken Label Interviews 1, February 2016)
    Adam Spaven

  279. Pete Slater - Chasing Dragons EP
    Pete Slater

  280. Adam Spaven (live at guitar and verse, december 2015)

  281. Dazzer (live at Guitar and Verse, December 2015)


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Formed in 2015 and ran / edited by Andy N, author of ‘Return to Kemptown’ and ‘The End of Summer’,it is always often to submissions from interested artists.
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